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DeeAnna Krier crowned Ms. Senior World North Texas

DeeAnna Krier understands the excitement that accompanies preparing for a senior pageant. She’s preparing to compete in the Ms. Senior World Pageant in Biloxi, Mississippi in November.

She qualified and was chosen to became a delegate to represent North Texas by the pageant executive producer and owner Sherry Strother. Some pageants are contests, where ladies go to a state pageant and win state and then travel to nationals (i.e. Ms. Senior America and Ms. Senior USA). Others use the delegate system where the owners and directors select the ladies who best represent their particular pageant objectives and the applicant is invited to nationals. Both systems are a competition at nationals.

“I love it! This organization is Christian-based. It is about women supporting women,” said DeeAnna, who owns Baker’s Ribs in Weatherford, along with her husband Brian. “It is a sisterhood where everybody gets together and lifts each other up and encourages each of us to be full of energy, full of life, full of God, full of love, to have passion and purpose, to enjoy self care and give back to our community.”

While this is a first for DeeAnna, her daughter Hannah, aka Finn MacCool, competed in the All-American Miss Pageant in California in 2019. That gave DeeAnna a vicarious taste of pageant competition, and she was hooked.

“I fell in love with the camaraderie. I thought, I can do this too!” she said. “I searched online for senior pageants, filled out applications and was accepted by two different ones. I chose Ms. Senior World.

“My thoughts are if you are a senior woman and you have dreamed about this since you were a little girl, then find the right pageant for you and go for it. There are so many different pageants, Ms. Dr. World, Ms. Earth, Vision Pageants, Ms. Senior America, Ms. Senior USA, Ms. Universe. But they all have different viewpoints, different rules, different goals. You have to find the right one that’s for you.”

And DeeAnna stressed that is does take a fervent desire to participate.

“This has to be a passion, a desire to work hard, give back, travel, take good care of yourself and willing to invest in yourself,” she said. “For me, I have two grown daughters, a business that is still thriving 21 years after I opened it, an amazing husband and two dogs. I’m busy.”

DeeAnna has actually been an entrepreneur for 41 years. She started her first company when she was 20 years old in Dallas, Mercer Events & Promotions.

“I’ve never closed it. I just adjusted it to fit into Weatherford and Oink Oink, Inc. dba Baker’s Ribs,” she said.

Her platform is Open Community, the Three C’s as to how to keep your business open. Commit, Contribute, Commerce.

“I have found out the Bible is clear, love your neighbor as yourself. Mark 12:31,” she said. “It’s not a competition, it’s community. Help others be successful and you will prosper. Prosper your neighbor, Prosper yourself. I love what I’m doing now at age 60.”

For information on competing in next year’s pageant, visit

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